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The particles of micronised salt and packed in a controlled environment in the laboratory of the company and spread by means of a dry salt generator, have the ideal dimensions to reach every section of the respiratory tract. Sodium chloride is able to function at its best in the “muco-ciliary clearance” namely, that set of tiny hairs which form part of the cell that covers the airways and that, with very frequent, regular and coordinated movements, transport a thin layer of mucus that covers the oral cavity. In this way you obtain a continuous cleansing of the entire respiratory tree. The mucus, in fact; serves to expel the polluting substances and the pathogenic microorganisms filtered in the ciliary system of the cell membranes.


The beneficial action of , that is released from the generator, once inhaled will have an effect on the respiratory system, favouring the patient’s well-being since has numerous physiological roles including that of emollient and dehydrating or hygroscopic mucus and soothes irritated mucus membranes. It is used as iodized salt, not micronized in a small percentage to simulate the air of the sea, and to keep a correct level of exposure to iodine derived from any natural source (in the food or through the respiratory system).


Halotherapy has beneficial effects on many diseases, such as:


Asthma - halotherapy is an extremely beneficial treatment for patients that suffer from asthma, thanks to the capacity of aerosol.


Bronchitis - Often, a simple cold can be followed by bronchitis that can last a few weeks. Chronic bronchitis is common among smokers. In the case of bronchitis, halotherapy leads to a better functioning of the lungs thereby reducing cough.


Allergy - Allergy is a reaction of the immune system caused by an innocuous substance called allergen that, in the case of the allergic people, causes an exacerbated reaction of the body. The allergens, through inhalation, can provoke an asthma attack caused by the shrinkage of the respiratory tract or by an increase in the quantity of mucus in the lungs. Halotherapy can act contributing to the reduction of the inflammation of the respiratory tract.


Infections of the paranasal sinus, sinusitis – halotherapy improves the symptoms of the sinusitis by means of the elimination of the blockage contributing to the reduction of the paranasal sinus and to their purification.


Skin disease, acne, eczema – aerosols have beneficial effects, creating a favourable environment for the bacterial growth. Furthermore, halotherapy thanks to the relaxation reached in the session, contributes to a well-being sensation.



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Aerosalmed The Salt Halotherapy

AEROSALMED, dry salt aerosol generator, is classified as Class IIa medical device in accordance with Section 3.3 of Annex 9, Rule 11, Directive 93/42/EC as amended.

The benefits of salt have been known for centuries. Just think of the role it has played in preserving food thanks to its antimicrobial action.

When by the sea, if you are in an area with rocky coasts, you will have the chance of inhaling marine salt in a natural way.






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